Baby's first blog post

Welcome to the blog of High Heavens.

Amazingly, in all of this time, we have not posted before. Since this was a major Kickstarter endeavor for us, we have been focusing on manufacturing, logistics and the Updates page on our Kickstarter projects. That said, WOOHOO... a blog!

I just posted this beautiful illustration to our facebook page . It was done by our pal (and amazing artist) Sean Andrew Murray. Take a gander:

Sean did all of the "homebase" illustrations for High Heavens so expect to see more great posts soon.

Earlier this week, we let backers know that the games are going to ship to the US this week. So exciting! The manufacturer says that it will take 30-40 days to reach the US, and soon after, we will be shipping them out to backers and those that pre-ordered.  Speaking of pre-orders, we will post a link to the pre-orders page asap to allow new players to get the game at pre-order pricing.

We hope to bring lots of interesting tidbits to you via this blog so please tune in.