Shipping has begun!

Hello everyone-

The boxes are in, High Heavens Headquarters (HHHQ) is filled to the brim with games, and this week I have shipped 115 packages to backers. Huge thanks to the crew of pals that helped me unload the shipping container in just over 2 hours!

High Heavens HQ

High Heavens HQ

The first shipment was small and deliberate (7 packages) and sent to some New England states as a test. I needed to be sure that my weights and measurements were accurate, and that my packaging was properly protected. Those games arrived safe and sound, so I shipped a few more waves with confidence. This week I hit a snag. Jennifer, my wife, High Heavens artist and packing/shipping coordinator has been stranded out of state due to some travel woes on her way to Illuxcon.


This has slowed us down a tad but any day we should be at full speed and I hope to ship a couple hundred boxes per week, if not more.

The physical art books (now a full fledged mythology book) are in a weird state. I received 25 of them from the printer, in an exploded box. The remainder has not arrived yet and the printer claims that they will be here by Wednesday. A few books were damaged, but the printer has replaced those. Somehow, they arrived faster than the remainder books.

Backers are starting to post images to social media and have been giving us great feedback about the game. Some of you have even asked how to buy more as holiday gifts… which is awesome! Thanks!

As you get your games, please note:

Check our site ( for a how to play video recorded by Dice Tower reviewer Sam Healey. The game is simple to learn, and the video makes it even simpler. Please do not share this video/review yet. It is a great review and I think it will help drive some sales, but I want to fulfill all backer rewards before that happens.

Since you helped create High Heavens, we hope that you will spread the love by telling your friends about the game and posting on social media. We have a Facebook page at ( and use #highheavens on all social channels.

Last, we strive to reuse/recycle packaging materials. 99 percent of you should receive recyclable shipping boxes filled with biodegradable packing peanuts (melts in water). If you are one of the few that received plastic air bags, bubble wrap or non-biodegradable peanuts, it is because we are reusing materials that were shipped to us and are trying to extend their use before they become landfill.

I will get you your shipments ASAP-

Enjoy the game! -Ryan