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+ How to unbend bent miniature figures.

If any of your plastic figures were bent during manufacturing, they can be easily re-posed. Place the bent section in hot water (not boiling) for a few moments to soften the plastic. Allow a the heat to penetrate to the center of the plastic. Pose the mini, and then place in ice water to "set" them. Please USE CAUTION when dipping the minis into the hot water.

This is not uncommon with boardgames, and a detailed description of the method is described on boardgamegeek at this link.

+ When a card has no ACTION icon next to the power... is it "free" to use?

Yep.. no ACTION point needed. An example would be Ares' power.

+ "Discarding" cards

During the ACTIONS phase, any card that is played is then placed in the discard pile. During the CLEAN UP phase, a player may intentionally discard cards to create more room in their hand.

+ Poison Ringchips

Poison Ringchips are like Health Ringchips, and unlike Attack/Armor Bonus Ringchips, in that they are removed from the god/Heavens when a god is Fallen. This gives a god that can heal Fallen gods until their next Clean-Up phase to heal the Fallen god. No poison chips remain.

+ Can a DISABLED or TRAPPED god use their Special Ability?

Gods have "Special Abilities". Some of these Special Abilities require an Action to perform and some do not. Page 1 of the manual states that "DISABLED and TRAPPED gods may not perform Actions". Special Abilities that do not require an Action remain in effect.

+ Is entering an hex with a Fallen god enough to Smite? The rules state "move through".

Yes, moving into a hex with a Fallen god is enough to Smite the Fallen god.

+ Targeting

In High Heavens, valid targets are typically "adjacent" or "in Range". Unless specifically stated, a god cannot target it's own hex.


+ How does Loki's "Trickster" power work?

During the Norse player's turn, they can simply announce how they are modifying Loki's stats. This is only allowed once per turn, and lasts the entire turn.

+ Skadi's Snare

This card places a single trap on a single Empty or Occupied hex. This trap can be attacked and therefore destroyed, freeing the now poisoned god.


+ Thoth's TRANSMIGRATION Special Power

Transmigration returns an Egyptian god back from the Discard pile, into the Egyptian player's hand.

+ Cursed Kopesh

The Cursed Kopesh does retain its identity even when a new god controls it. I recommend leaving the Cursed Kopesh "out" on the table to remind players that it is on the board.

The attacker gets the Attack Ringchip. All targets, successfully damaged by that attacker, receive a poison RingChip.

+ Serqet's Venoms & Poison

In order for Serqet's Venoms to create a poison RingChip, the melee damage must be "successful", meaning that damage has been dealt. If armor prevents damage from being dealt, no poison is applied.

+ Osiris' "Immortality" power

Immortality prevents "perishing", which in the rulebook is called out as what happens during "smiting" or "clean-up". Powers like Kronos' "Consumption" does not cause a god to perish, and is therefore allowed.